We took a trip out to Cali this fall and camped out at Integratron near Joshua Tree for the weekend with our friend Rama.  Integratron was built by a ufo nut in the 50s to communicate with aliens but now is the epicenter for some major new age hippie vibes..vibes being the sound baths that are held inside the acoustically perfect sphere. If you’re ever nearby, stop and get one.  Your chakras will thank you for it later.  We spent the rest of the trip hiking around the park and climbing all over the huge rocks like little kids.  We ended our trip at Two Bunch Palms Spring Resort and soaked our soar bones in some natural hot springs loaded with minerals.  The owner told us everyone leaves there happy because his springs have the highest content of Lithium.  I’m not sure if that’s true, but we definitely felt pretty righteous at the end of our weekend. 

We brought Victory Press to Los Angeles last week for our righteous west coast launch party at Wittmore.  Our week was filled with Pancake Epidemics, Desert Tours, Piñata Factories, and Taco Trucks. We spent the week working with a bunch of talented people. Collaborating with Paul Witt on curating his shop, meeting Robert Siegel and getting to showcase his ceramics, and of course, and working with LA based artist Cole Sternberg were the highlights.  We debuted our limited edition hat collaboration with LA based artist Cole Sternberg at the party along side a collection of his work:  check them out here.  Thank you to all of our new friends, our LA friends and some of our friends from home.  It was a mighty welcome to the west coast!!